Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique, which website owners can use to increase the rank of their website. People search for various websites to look for the content they require and if the ranking of the website is on the first page, it means that the content of the website is good and many users are using it. The result page consists of paid ads, which can be seen at the top of a page of a website and this is called organic search result. Traffic that comes to a website is based on organic search result. In this article, we will discuss about various aspects of SEO.

Benefits of SEO

One of the major tools of online marketing is the search engine optimization. Studies have told that around 2.3 trillion searches were conducted in 2014 on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu. The traffic to any website comes due to search engines. The results are available in the ordered list, which is based upon the number of users for each website. Most people see the results available on the first page and few go to the second page of the search engine. A website receives more traffic as soon as its value is increased a little on a search engine.

Working of SEO

Every search engine uses an algorithm to decide the results, which are shown on the basis of a query. There are different factors that can be counted in thousands or more, which are used in the algorithm to decide the results. The main three things that a search engine focuses on are discussed below.


The ranking of the links from other websites is one of the key factors of increasing the traffic for a website. It is so because a link to a website acts as a factor of quality from other websites. No website owner has the desire of linking a poor performing site to his website. When a website gets links from other websites, the page rank of that website increases. If various websites are linked to a website, the rank of that website automatically increases.


Another thing that people check on the website is the content and its quality. The search engines also determine whether the webpage is relevant to the given query or not. The content of any webpage is based upon keywords

Structure of the page

Page structure is another important thing for search engine optimization. HTML is the language used for creating web pages. The code of the language should be structured in such a way that it can influence the search engine to evaluate the page.

Techniques used ion Search Engine Optimization

There are many types of techniques that are used to increase the rank of a website and these techniques have been discussed here.

Know the ways of placing keywords

Researching of keyword is considered as the beginning o SEO. The keywords are the basics of ranking a webpage and a website owner has to seek the type of keywords used in the pages of a competitor. The owner should also check other search engines and check for the popular keywords that are being used by other website owners and accordingly plan to use the keywords in the content. Researching the keywords will let the website owner know about the keywords on the basis of which content can be optimized.

Know the ways of marketing content

The next thing that the website owner has to concentrate on is content marketing. Content marketing can be done after the identification of the popular keywords. The owner needs to edit the existing content and also write new ones. The search engines focus on the quality of content and give preference to high-quality content. The website owner has to research about the existing content and then plan to write the content, which is unique and different from the existing one.  The content should be written in such a way that it can enhance the user experience.

Knowing the ways of making back links

Back links play a great role in increasing the ranking of a website. If the website owner is able to get links from other websites, it means that the quality of his content is good and these backlinks can enhance the ranking of his website.  These links help in promoting the content of the website and it can reach the other websites. These links can help in contacting with the webmasters and the website can be included in the web directory.

Knowing about on-page optimization

After talking about back links and keywords let is talk about on-page optimization. Backlinks and keywords are considered as off-page optimization. On-page optimization is related to the direct control of the webmaster. One of the common on-page techniques is the modification of the URL. The URL of a webpage mist includes one or two that are used on the content of that webpage. Another thing that is to be updated is the title tag. The title of the page can also have keywords. Along with it, the images present ion the content should have alt text, which briefly describes the image.  The next thing, which the website owner has to focus on, is the meta tag where he can change the meta description. This tag may not impact the ranking directly but helps in increasing the click-through rate.

Knowing about site structure optimization

Besides external links, internal links also play a great role in increasing the ranking of the webpage. The SEO of the site can be improved if the pages are linked to each other. Another thing that can improve the ranking of the website is the sitemap, which will help the users in navigating the website easily.

Wrapping Up

These are the ways in which SEO can improve the ranking of a website. External and internal links along with meta tags should be optimized so that ranking can be increased.  Another thing on which the website owners should concentrate is the URL, which should include keywords used on a particular webpage.